Our Flock

We started our first flock of chickens in the late summer of 2019. On August 26th, 44 baby chicks came in the mail. It was a bit sad, because after a 3 day shipping journey from central Ohio, some of these little chicks couldn't stand the heat of the truck and we lost 9 of them within the first two days.. that's just how she goes..

Luckily the survivors bounced back quickly and we ended up with a very strong and healthy flock, composed of 33 hens and 2 Beilefielder Roosters. This crew goes to work religiously, everyday just before the suns comes up. They hit the compost pile immediately and peck around for a few bugs and seeds. Whilst scratching around, they unknowingly aerate the compost and improve its composition, helping it to decompose quicker! Later someone comes around with a blend of Sprouted Grains and scatters the mash around the chicken run. Two times per week these ladies get a salad munch of fresh Pea/Sunflower/Radish Microgreen Shoots! After we harvest our Microgreens, there is still so much foliage on the tray, so we give what's left of it to the flock. They can't fly out of the Coop fast enough to gorge on the Raw Greens scattered below. This frequent dose of added nutrition is especially crucial in the winter months, when the temperatures drop and the forage is sparse. We consistently get creamy, rich orange yolks from these girls and we know its because of their healthy/mixed diet!


~ The Flock ~

2 ROOSTERS - Bielefelder 

33 HENS - 6 Ameraucana  - 5 Cuckoo Maran  - 5 True Green Whiting  - 3 Austrlorps - 3 Silver Laced Wyandotte-  2 Delaware - 2 White Rock - 2 Barred Rock - 2 Golden Laced Wyandotte - 2 Blue Andalusian - 1 Rhode Island Red